How To Make Sure You Are Buying Quality Dog Food

Being a pet parent is just like being a parent to children; each parent wants the best for their children. That said, every pet parent wants the best for their dog and that is why buying quality dog food is important.

It is your responsibility as the pet parent to make sure that your pet is well fed and on a balanced diet.

There are millions of dog food brands and they all claim to be of high quality but not all are what they claim to be. Nevertheless, there are some healthy dog food brands that will give your dog all the needed nutrients.

Therefore, as a pet owner, it is essential to be on the lookout for the best brand for your ‘baby’

Determining healthy and high quality dog food

Even though dogs are carnivorous, you also need to know that they need a bit of fruit and vegetables.

Just like humans, they also need the roughage and the nutrients that come with these foods. Other considerations need to be put in place so that you can get good quality dog food.

Here are some few things that you need to look into before you make that purchase.

Meat Should Be the First Ingredient

The first ingredient in any packaged food is always the most abundant.

Therefore, before you buy any dog food, make sure it has meat as its first ingredient. This is because dogs are carnivorous and their meal should have a high content of proteins. Meat sources include beef, chicken, lamb, and fish such as herring and salmon.

A protein source makes sure that your dog is getting the best food/meat and not just any type of meat like from a road kill.

No Cheap Grains or Fillers

Dogs can eat a small amount of carbohydrates but it’s also good to know that not all carbohydrates are fit for your pet.

Grains are good but again, not all grains are good for your dog.

Some of these forms of starch can cause bloating and yeast infections which are quite uncomfortable and dangerous for a dog.

Therefore, check the ingredients well to make sure you are getting quality dog food.

No Artificial Preservatives and Additives

Quality dog food should not have artificial additives, preservatives or colorings.

One of the best ways to know if the food is of high quality or not is the presence of artificial additives like colorings and preservatives.

Such foods are cheaper to buy because the ingredients are cheaper and in turn the manufacturing companies can rake in millions in profits.

If you see ingredients that sound too technical or too scientific, chances are, they are of no nutritional value to the dog.

Such ingredients have just been added to add bulk to the dog food.

Reliable company

Quality dog food should come from a reliable company.

This is to ensure that there are no serious recalls. Reliable companies have a history of maintaining high standards when it comes to manufacturing and processing of dog foods.


Don’t buy just any food because the seller is giving a discount or is promising heaven once your dog or dogs consume the food.

High quality dog food should contain all the nutrients that your pet needs.

It should not have fillers to add bulk and it should not have commercial or artificial preservatives. Make sure you understand the ingredients printed on the package.

If anything doesn’t sound familiar, don’t buy the food because that’s a tale-tell sign that the food is of low quality.

As a rule, don’t feed your dog on commercial foods only.

Give them fresh foods once in a while in order to get the full nutrients that they don’t get on commercial foods. If you have any doubts on any foods, make sure you consult your vet.

What factors do you consider when buying food for your dog? Let me know on the comments below.

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